If people are given information about their situation, how change can be achieved and the means to do so, they will often take action to improve their lives.

Our Theory of Change

We're on a mission to open up information that will empower people to improve their lives and their communities.

We believe that an equal society starts with equal access to information, and that access to relevant information creates an active citizenry. You cannot change something if you don't know what it is, how it works, or that it even exists. This is why we are opening data. And then building tools to make the data available and understandable to society.

As a team, we are a group of post-corporate, tech and media professionals who cut our teeth in the commercial sector and now want to use our skills for social good.

For most of us, it's the first time working in an NGO space, and while we're still figuring our way around, we are pioneering our own way and challenging ourselves and the world to do things that no one else has done.

Our beliefs

Open data

Data, especially government data, should be freely available and open. It should be free to be used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose. We promote the release of data under open data licences to make it available to everyone who wants and needs it.


Societies are successful when communities and governments work together. We promote collaboration between government and the public to increase participation. We do this by advocating for the effective use of technology and data both by governments and civil society.

Active citizenry

Only an informed society can proactively use the mechanisms of governance to affect change. Being a citizen means having both rights and responsibilities. Access to information is crucial to understanding what this means, making informed decisions, and taking effective action.


Without a community of data consumers, or the support of data producers, open data won't become part of the national discourse. We work closely with government, civil society, and media to open data, disseminate it, and build a more data-literate society.

Meet the OpenUp team

We're a group of passionate people trying to make our vision for an informed and empowered society a reality

Adi Eyal
Greg Kempe
Head of Technology
Jameelah Parker
Financial Manager
JD Bothma
Software Developer
Jennifer Walker
Head of Operations
Julia Renouprez
Data Wrangler / Project Manager
Lailah Ryklief
Digital Storyteller
Lenina Rassool
Communications Manager
Roxanne Joseph
Corporate Data Researcher
Sarah Evans
Project lead: TRACE

Our funders

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