Jono Bosman

UX Researcher and Project Manager

What does Jono do at OpenUp?

I am a researcher at OpenUp. My role is to ensure that projects research documentation is up-to-date, and that information is being collected, analysed and relayed back to the team for the informed decisions to be made. My other roles at OpenUp include conducting face-to-face interviews, user testing, and writing research articles.

About Jono

I am a driven person, who thrives in the exploration of human experiences. I am passionate about person (user) centred research as I believe that people are fundamental to the success of any project or program. Through my studies and practicing as a registered counsellor I leant the value of human-based research and the significant role that it plays in community development. I want to bring my knowledge and experience from this field and apply it in a Civic Technology context.


  • Completed a Psychology Honours
  • Qualified as Registered Counsellor
  • Worked as a youth counsellor & program facilitaton