Andrew Thomas-Woolf

Board Advisor

What does Andrew do at OpenUp?

As an advisor to the board of OpenUp, I offer to them my accounting, consulting, risk and data-driven decision-making experience in support of their deliberations and decision-making.

About Andrew

I currently work in global financial markets and live in London. I possess an undergraduate degree in Information Systems, qualified as a South African Chartered Accountant and am a CFA Charterholder, and have worked in a wide variety of roles across technology, venture capital and equity markets businesses.

The key question which I find deeply interesting is, "How do we, as a society, allocate limited resources to maximally benefit society as a whole?" Investigating this over decades has taken me on intellectual forays into economics, game theory, philosophy, psychology, statistics, information theory, and more, to generate and evolve my views.

While I have developed at most an "idea", rather an actual answer to that question, I treat as fundamental that a more informed society is a more empowered society, that the right data beats logic and models and that better answers to society's individual and collective decisions are made when we are more informed, with access to timely, relevant and accurate data.


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