Gabriella Razzano

Executive Director

What does Gabriella do at OpenUp?

As one of the founders of OpenUp, I continue to be involved in strategy and research and am currently assisting with our monitoring, learning, and evaluation frameworks.

About Gabriella

I am a Research Fellow with Research ICT Africa, an Atlantic Senior Fellow in Social and Economic Equity and a Founding Director of OpenUp ( I also act as legal consultant and researcher, focused on issues of transparency, open data, technology and law.

I hold a BA LLB from the University of Cape Town, and graduated with distinction in sociology. I clerked with Justice Yacoob of the Constitutional Court, and have also worked with the University of Witwatersrand, as well as with domestic and international non-governmental partners. I contributed to the drafting of several regional instruments, such as the African Model Law on Access to Information and the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms.

I was an Internet Governance Fellow and an alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Program (Global Digital Leader). I was also the chairperson of the African Platform on Access to Information Working Group for three years.