Beatriz Velho


What does Beatriz do at OpenUp?

I am an intern at OpenUp, where I work with project monitoring and evaluation, contributing for organizational research design and a project-specific investigation.

About Beatriz

I believe all people should have access to equal opportunities and be free to lead the lives they aspire to. Though there are inherent differences between people, great inequities are still caused by factors that can be mitigated with public policies and civic engagement. OpenUp is showing me how the latter is a powerful tool to fight inequality and to induce the State to provide better services more evenly across populations. I am looking forward to learning more about civic-tech initiatives and how they can most effectively contribute to a better world.


  • Co-founder at Compras do Bem, a marketplace focused on providing access to socially and environmentally-conscious products and services
  • Research Assistant at the Climate Policy Initiative Brazil
  • Candidate at a Master's in Public Administration in International Development; BA in Economics


Beatriz Velho

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