Alex Beyleveld

Research Lead

What does Alex do at OpenUp?

I do all things MERL (monitoring, evaluation, research and learning). This entails interrogating what an informed, empowered and activated citizenry looks like and continuously assessing whether OpenUp is contributing to its attainment. I also act as general research support for a number of our projects.

About Alex

I care deeply about economic inequality in South Africa (as well as within countries around the globe more generally). I have spent the largest chunk of my career thus far trying to understand – from a broad variety of perspectives and at various levels of governance – how economic inequality is produced and reproduced. In doing this work, I have for the most part bemoaned the negative consequences that tend to accompany new technologies. I joined OpenUp with a view to working in a space that has the potential to counteract these consequences: one where technology is seen and deployed as a means to do good; one where technology and data are used to promote informed decision-making in order to drive positive social change. I hope to use what skills and insights I have gained to contribute meaningfully to the continued development of this space.



Alex Beyleveld

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