Schalk Venter


I find the South African landscape infinitely complex and confusing - from our strange mix of biomes to our (both tropical and freezing antarctic) ocean currents.

However, among all of these, I find our divergent socio-economic realities (and their corresponding historical realities) most prominent. As someone who is enmeshed within this strange South African web of peoples (and perhaps more so because I occupy a specific position not afforded to most) I really care about the following:

  • Attempting to make sense of the bigger South African socio-economic picture.
  • Cultivating daily practices that interrogate my own position in it.
  • Understanding how the latter should stand in relation to the former.

I've been very fortunate insofar that I've had both the opportunity to develop a set of visual-design skills against an academic backdrop and a range of front-end development skills through working in the corporate world. This means that at this specific point in my life I'm interested in seeing whether these skills can be applied in concert with the above, and if so how and to what effect.


Schalk Venter

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