Carl Teffo

Research and Data Lead

What does Carl do at OpenUp?

As Research & Data Lead, I oversee all research related activities at OpenUp (both internal and external), and ensure that data displays correctly on the tools we build.

About Carl

I come from the world of Academia — a world that tends to focus on theories about the world and how it should be improved. Too often technology is believed to be the great panacea to all the world’s problems, without any consideration for the real world consequences such a techno-centric perspective can have. While it is true that technology does have great potential for positive change in the world, there is no silver bullet solution. Throughout my academic career, I have advocated for more pragmatic ways of moving between theory and practice, by exploring avenues that speak more directly to the concerns, needs, and contexts of affected people. Simply put, the world is not homogenous, and we cannot expect to ‘fix’ it by applying ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions.


  • Researcher with Information for Community Services (iCOMMS).
  • Senior Project Manager for Gender-Just Digital Innovation in Africa (GeDIA).
  • Senior Project Coordinator for the Hub for Education on ICT for Sustainability (HEdIS).
  • Completing a PhD in Information Systems, focusing on the rationality and validity of South Africa’s e-Government Strategy & Roadmap as a program of action.
  • Completed an MCom in Information Systems, focusing on the co-design of an open source online complaints management system for two South African municipalities.
  • Completed a BSc in Civil Engineering.