Dirk Meerkotter


What does Dirk do at OpenUp?

More often than not you will find me working as a developer on one or more OpenUp projects, but, when the opportunity arises and a project demands it, I like to sometimes diversify and contribute research, writing and design.

About Dirk

In the face of much inequality and injustice, we can either choose apathy or action. I believe the logical choice is action and hope to contribute to building a more equitable and sustainable world where the focus is not just on inclusivity, but also reimagining the foundations and mechanisms that marginalize.  

After pursuing jazz and historical studies at UCT, I worked in art education and journalism and was art director and sometimes writer for The Big Issue South Africa for many years. In this role, I was honored to be a finalist for best design and recipient of the best cover design award at the International Network of Street Papers awards.

Over the years I have been fortunate to do design, development and documentary work for the South African National Gallery, UCT and various other non-governmental organizations.