Lailah Ryklief

Head of Operations

About Lailah

In order to occupy a space in this world, we should strive to be a functional component of society within a role and within a capacity that is best suited to us. When we develop core aspects of our self and our character, we can sincerely serve and contribute positively toward a functioning, balanced society. I believe in service, and we become of service to humankind when we are able to respond to the needs of the society around us. OpenUp gives me a platform to serve, to educate, and to explore the best ways to do that. It allows me to provide citizens access to information that can help them become more functional actors in society. This strongly aligns with my core value, which is Actionable Knowledge. Information lies dormant when we, as individuals and as a society, fail to act upon it.


  • BA in Interactive Multimedia Production & Film (UCT) BA (Hons) in Media, Theory and Practice from (UCT)
  • Iziko Museum - The King’s Map (2013), developed interactive digital version to accompany physical map
  • GetSmarter - Course and Content Developer (Web development Courses)
  • Essay - Sammlung Werner Herzog, Berlin: archived by Werner Herzog himself - Herzog’s Cinema of the Sublime and his Landscapes of Transcendence
  • An almost BA in Creative Multimedia from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (Cyberjaya, Malaysia) - before dropping out and fleeing back to SA #itsalongstory