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If cities are improving their service delivery (and other key indicators of performance) then all cities benefit in myriad ways in their day-today lives.

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SACN aimed to create a baseline for a new form of mid-term review of South African Cities. It was envisioned that different forms of data visualisation and interactivity should be central to processing these indicators for audiences, and this may be a form of extension of the existing SCODA site. This visualisation and interactivity should forward the SACN’s goals of applying and implementing knowledge.

As part of our Matchbox series, OpenUp also does Light Touch projects heavily influenced by agile development and driven by user-testing. We see the general goal for the project as being the development of informative data visualisations of SACN’s modified mid-term indicators on South African cities. Phase one will require indicators to be finalised, and some data (or dummy data) being available (estimating a start data for June). The second phase will require the final data for the indicators (estimating a 2024 start). This data was incorporated into a Looker Studio dashboard which has been embedded on the SCODA website.

The impact the dashboard will have is to provide more and better tools for key stakeholders/users so that they can create a positive feedback loop and improve their City's performance. With good data and visualisation at their fingertips they will more easily be able to see where resource are most need to improve local government performance.

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South African Cities Network (SACN)
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June 2023
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