Data visualisations

We've created many data visualisations over the years. Often to supplement stories, sometimes as a visually appealing starting point for discussions. Below you'll find some of our visualisations that may pique your interest or inspire you to create one yourself.

Some of these visualisations can be updated using more recent data. Check out the sources to get started!


Police deaths are on the decline

Using data obtained from the police, we see a significant decline in the number of police deaths over the last 6 years.

A list of properties owned by the City of Cape Town

According to the 2015 valuations roll, the City of Cape Town owns approximately 46,000 properties. Use this interactive map to find them and more information about them.

Are poor communities more affected by crime?

Using the 2017/2018 crime statistics, we explored the incidents of various crimes by police station are average household income.

Cardio-vascular surgery is a field dominated by men.

Cardio-vascular surgery is a field dominated by men. This graphic shows doctors in the field by year of qualification.

Directors by race

Has there been any racial transformation in the economy? This preliminary visualisation helps explore this question.

Fascinating to look at the ages of doctors in South Africa

Fascinating to look at the ages of doctors in South Africa. A new cohort of black doctors has emerged in the past 20 years.

Infographic - Who play's the lottery

The lottery in South Africa is hugely supported by poor and low income earners, with 73% of players earning less than R5,000 a month - and of those 33% earn R1,000 a month or less.

TOOL - About the South African Lottery

The National Lottery Commission assesses all applications for funding from the lottery. Use this tool to see who has received funding, and how much.

A deep dive into the medical profession

A data-driven journey through the medical profession using age, gender, and education.

Number of registered surgeons in SA

1621 registered surgeons in SA.1 for every 34000. If you count only those working in the pub sector, I'm sure the fig shoots up dramatically.

Number of doctors by university in South Africa

Number of doctors by university in South Africa - strange fluctuations at UKZN between 2007 and 2014 - no hint from the university's annual report.

Gender Equality achieved in 2000

This one is amazing - proportion of doctors graduating from med school in South Africa is 67% - gender equality achieved in 2000

Exploring graduations of doctors (MB ChB) in South Africa is fascinating

This graph includes all South African doctors who are currently registered to practice in South Africa and graduated with an MB ChB. degree.

Data, Community Media & Government: Informal Settlements Maps presentation at the UN World Data formum in Cape Town

Elections 2016 - what percentage of female PR candidates did parties field?

Elections 2016 - where did female candidates appear on PR lists?

Elections 2016 - age and gender balance in parties

A scatter plot showing the age and gender distributions of political parties in the 2016 local government elections.

Women's participation in the Local Government Elections

What does the political landscape look like when view through the lens of gener equality. This discussion explores this question.

Youth Day Timeline - The day that ignited the flames of freedom

June 16, 1976, 40 years ago today: a spark ignited by students on the dusty streets of Soweto set in motion a chain of events that would play a key role in the birth of a new democratic South Africa, 18 years later.

Quick and Dirty Map Viz

Taking shortcuts and outright cheating is the hallmark of a great developer. I like creating graphics, both visualisations and pretty maps but I often don’t have the time to spend hours making one from scratch.

ANALYSIS - Why Africa’s larger than maps cause us to think it is

Maps influence the way we understand the world. The most common map projection is a relic from the Euro-centric colonial days - and as a result Africa appears smaller than it actually is.

No, Mr President. Africa is not the biggest continent.

It would take at least 4 Africas to fit all the world’s continents, President Zuma.

Data Munging - A quick and dirty way to filter dirty address data

We haven't written any technical blogs about how we play with data. In this quick post I explain how I managed to create a database of addresses of all the early childhood development centres in Zululand.

Love knows no age

They say that love knows no age. Does the data agree? Have a look at a weird cross-section of our society as seen through the 2012 civil marriages dataset.

Smoking is bad for you ... in pictures

I am always surprised by how many interesting stories a dataset can tell. The latest StatsSA release of the Causes of Death dataset (2012) has a lot to say about death trends in South Africa.

Tenders by department

We wanted to get a general sense of what the City of Cape Town is spending its money on. This graphic represents all awarded tenders between July and December 2014 as bubbles.

Gender roles in different fields of medicine

In this day and age, gender should be completely irrelevant. But is it?

Are traffic fines highway robbery?

Speed traps often seem to be engineered to trick drivers instead of aiming to reduce road deaths. Are municipalities cynically using fines as an excuse to raise revenue?

Contested Wards in 2016 Municipal Elections

Built in 2012, this post maps out the wards that were expected to be contested in the 2016 municipal elections.

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