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Budget Short Course

Learn how to tell great stories using National Budget Data


On 22th February 2017, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will present the National Budget to Parliament, with the budget data released on the same day on National Treasury’s website.

Code for South Africa is facilitating a 2-day training course on Data Analysis and Visualisation for Storytelling, with Budget Data as the theme.

The course will consist of a combination of theoretical and hands-on practical work, and provides you with the opportunity to gain practical data analysis and visualisation skill-sets that will equip you to deliver compelling data-driven multimedia stories.

This course is aimed at candidates who:

  • Are intimidated by working with data in excel
  • Want to learn simple best practices for shaping and analysing data
  • Would like to find the valuable insight and stories hidden in their data
  • Want to present data in exciting ways across different platforms
  • Want to use data to inform and improve decision making processes

You will learn how to:

  • Access datasets, including national budget data
  • Manipulate and structure spreadsheets
  • Drill down into national budget spending from overall budget allocations, to allocations within different programmes
  • Analyse sources of national budget revenue
  • Find stories within the data
  • Visualise data using free online tools
  • Embed visualisations into stories
  • Create multimedia stories using free online tools

These learnings will equip you to report on the local budget data when it is tabled in March.

  • Where: Codebridge, Thicket Street, Claremont, Cape Town
  • When: 6 - 7 th March
  • How much: 4,600 per participant for the 2 days. Note: There are a limited number of subsidised seats available for non-profits.
  • Book: by 27th February to secure your spot
Secure your spot

You will be required to bring your own laptop to the contact sessions. Please ensure you have an activated Google account.

This course will be facilitated based on a minimum number of participants, so get your applications in as soon as possible by filling out this form or email us with any questions at [email protected].


  • This course may be cancelled in the event of too few confirmed participants
  • Light snacks will be provided, please bring your own lunch