Transparent Corporates

We're making corporate data freely and publically available, to empower you to hold the right people in the corporate sector accountable when they do things that affect your everyday life.

Our mission

We want to make corporate data truly accessible, because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for company information that should legally and legitimately be public. We’re interrogating data around corporate structures and the relationships corporates have with the state, shareholders and communities.

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We can help you find the important corporate data you're missing. Just send us a data request.

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Our corporate data collection


A rough OCR of tender bulletins for 2015 and 2016

UK Land Registry

The latest list of properties from the UK Land Registry.


Market announcements from publicly listed companies.

Restricted suppliers

A list of blacklisted suppliers across all provinces


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Why corporate data matters

We have datasets and have done work around tender information, beneficial ownership, company shareholder registries, illicit financial flows, potential conflicts of interest in the private sector, and the environmental and social impacts that the decisions corporates make have on everyday life. Read more about our work and the work other organisations are doing to improve corporate transparency and accountability here:

Opening up corporate data
In this next article we’re going back to the beginning and will look at why we’re branching out to corporate data.
Corporate tax: a balancing act
In this next article we look at how the Corporate Tax Income rate affects the average taxpayer, and ways in which we can start to curb tax evasion.
Who really benefits from company ownership?
In this next article we look at beneficial ownership and the need for global improved transparency, as well as a registry here in South Africa.
OpenOwnership's Beneficial Ownership Register

In April 2017, OpenOwnership launched a first-of-its-kind global beneficial ownership registry, that lists details of nearly 2 million companies in the UK.

An article by OpenOwnership

Corporate data resources

Centre for Environmental Rights Full Disclosure Report

An investigation into corporate environmental compliance in South Africa. The report shows that some companies are committing serious compliance violations.


Open Society Foundations Extractive Companies and Transparency Working Paper Two

The Open Society Foundation is conducting ongoing research into South African disclosure practice and the drivers behind it.