Civic Technology

In civic tech, technology is not the focus, but rather one of the core skillsets that helps us achieve our goals, which is to open up lines of communication between citizens and government. Through data and technology, we are able to build tools and platforms that enable greater civic engagement and participation.

How we built

By building a series of programs used to source, scrape and index government gazettes, we now have a growing collection of over 20,000 free and searchable publications.

Open Gazettes How we did it
Pocket Reporter: A News Editor in your Pocket

Meet Pocket Reporter, a new Android app for journalists, activists and anyone interested in storytelling that guides you through the newsgathering process.

Pocket Reporter Launch
Build your own Wazimap

It's now much easier to build your own Wazimap and help more people find the story behind the data.

Wazimap How-to