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Data, especially government data, should be freely available and open. It should be free to be used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose. Our vision is for Open Data to be the standard in South Africa, with governments, companies, and organisations making their data freely available for anyone to examine and interrogate. Take a look at our data portal for interesting datasets and search for corporate data through TRACE.

When it comes to open data we have learnt that data just being open, available and accessible is not enough. Whilst we don’t have all the answers, we do have some learnings to share.


Youth Explorer is an indispensible tool for youth-oriented municipalities, government departments and civil society organisations.

Youth Explorer

In this next article we look at how the Corporate Tax Income rate affects the average taxpayer, and ways in which we can start to curb tax evasion.

TRACE Opinion

In this next article we look at beneficial ownership and the need for global improved transparency, as well as a registry here in South Africa.

TRACE Opinion

In this next article we’re going back to the beginning and will look at why we’re branching out to corporate data.

TRACE Opinion

In 2016, 29 municipalities in South Africa were created and 40 were disestablished. At OpenUp, we handle these changes by following the principle of “making the common easy, and making the not-so-common possible”.

Municipal Money Wazimap How we did it

Wazimap now has 2016 Municipal Election results and uses the municipalities and ward boundaries used for the elections.


For Open Data Day 2017, we asked the OpenUp staff to weigh in on why Open Data is important and what it means to them.

What is tax evasion and what does it actually mean to call somewhere a tax haven?

TRACE How-to

In this piece, we look at the state of transparency within company ownership and how the law facilitates access to this type of information.

TRACE How-to

Code for South Africa and SAFLII need your help to build the largest digital collection of freely available gazettes.

Open Gazettes Opinion

We don’t know enough about who owns what in corporates, which allows corruption, theft and dodgy dealings to happen. That’s why we’re going after the data.

TRACE Launch

The Western Cape Youth Explorer provides data on demographics, education, unemployment, health, access to basic services and more, down to ward level, for youth across the Western Cape.

Youth Explorer

Announcing, a website that makes municipal financial performance and budgets more transparent.

Municipal Money Launch

We've made official government gazettes available online and searchable, so you no longer have to sift through them to source important, public information.

Open Gazettes Launch

We've posted population estimates for Police Districts around the country to make working with crime rates simpler.

Open Data Portal How-to

All too often powerful, simple-to-use data tools for journalists are built and, after an initial buzz, they end up hardly being used by the very users they target.


Developing Open Data Resources for South African Women

Open Data Portal

We haven't written any technical blogs about how we play with data. In this quick post I explain how I managed to create a database of addresses of all the early childhood development centres in Zululand.

Open Data Portal How-to

Sometimes you can't anticipate how your work is going to be used. Here is a story that really motivates me to continue doing what we do.

Medicine Price Registry Case study

People legally change their names all the time. Sometimes what they choose for themselves is very amusing.

Open Gazettes

Open Data for the win! How to save on your medicines bill using open data.

Medicine Price Registry How-to

Did you know that medicine prices are regulated in South Africa? Most people don't. We've built an application that makes price comparisons between branded medicines and their generic equivalents easier.

Medicine Price Registry How-to Launch