Citizen Empowerment

By making data available and teaching people how to make use of it, we want to allow them to understand what actions they can take to change their situation, facilitating them to take those actions as well as seeing improvement.

By understanding how complex legal processes play out in the real world (not just in a textbook) we can design tools and systems that empower ordinary people to access justice in our courts.

OpenUp has partnered with Cape Agulhas Municipality to put the municipality's by-laws online, helping to make them easier to find, read and share.

Open By-laws

Meet Pocket Reporter, a new Android app for journalists, activists and anyone interested in storytelling that guides you through the newsgathering process.

Pocket Reporter

Open Gazettes changes the way journalists use government gazettes to do stories, by allowing users to search and track important public information.

Open Gazettes

Open Data for the win! How to save on your medicines bill using open data.

Medicine Price Registry

Occasionally I wonder why our work matters. How does it make our lives easier and promote better engagement with government. I have a sad tale to tell about a garden that I planted which was subsequently destroyed by the council and how I plan to get to the bottom of it.

Open By-laws

Did you know that medicine prices are regulated in South Africa? Most people don't. We've built an application that makes price comparisons between branded medicines and their generic equivalents easier.

Medicine Price Registry