Without a community of data consumers, or the support of data producers, open data won't become part of the national discourse. We want all South Africans to be able to take one or more datasets, understand their significance, and use that data for social change. Take a look at Youth Explorer. It profiles the situation of young people and the contexts in which they live. You can explore and download the data and see for yourself how much you can learn about South African youth using data.

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Youth Explorer is an indispensible tool for youth-oriented municipalities, government departments and civil society organisations.

Youth Explorer

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The Western Cape Youth Explorer provides data on demographics, education, unemployment, health, access to basic services and more, down to ward level, for youth across the Western Cape.

Youth Explorer

Meet Pocket Reporter, a new Android app for journalists, activists and anyone interested in storytelling that guides you through the newsgathering process.

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Open Gazettes changes the way journalists use government gazettes to do stories, by allowing users to search and track important public information.

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