Active Citizenry

Our vision of an informed society is one in which people can take action to improve their situation and that of others, making use of the mechanisms of governance to effect change. Our goal for this space is to collect stories of our tools being put to use and share our thoughts about the challenges of facilitating action.

Do you use our tools? Please share your story with us!

By understanding how complex legal processes play out in the real world (not just in a textbook) we can design tools and systems that empower ordinary people to access justice in our courts.

What we learnt collaborating with Romania and Poland on civic tech for open legislation.

Indigo Open By-laws

When it comes to open data we have learnt that data just being open, available and accessible is not enough. Whilst we don’t have all the answers, we do have some learnings to share.

All too often powerful, simple-to-use data tools for journalists are built and, after an initial buzz, they end up hardly being used by the very users they target.

Sometimes you can't anticipate how your work is going to be used. Here is a story that really motivates me to continue doing what we do.

Medicine Price Registry