Active Citizenry

Only an informed society can proactively use the mechanisms of governance to affect change. Being a citizen means having both rights and responsibilities. Access to information is crucial to understanding what this means, making informed decisions, and taking effective action.

Read all about it, use Open Gazettes

Open Gazettes changes the way journalists use government gazettes to do stories, by allowing users to search and track important public information.

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By-laws on the Indigo Legislation Platform

The Indigo Legislation Platform now powers Open By-laws South Africa, a big jump forward for re-use, free access to law, and open source legislation software.

Open By-laws Launch
Cheaper medicines - an unexpected user

Sometimes you can't anticipate how your work is going to be used. Here is a story that really motivates me to continue doing what we do.

Medicine Price Registry Case study
Open Data FTW!

Open Data for the win! How to save on your medicines bill using open data.

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Why our work matters

Occasionally I wonder why our work matters. How does it make our lives easier and promote better engagement with government. I have a sad tale to tell about a garden that I planted which was subsequently destroyed by the council and how I plan to get to the bottom of it.

Open By-laws Opinion