Jennifer Walker
Accountability Stack Lead


  • Bachelor of Arts (English and Information Science) from the University of Pretoria, Diploma in Business Analysis from Faculty Training Institute
  • Spent 4 years paying my dues as a middleware developer at Woolworths before the need to understand all the things took me down the business analysis path
  • I spent the next 10 years playing a multitude of roles ranging from business analyst, project manager, product owner and product manager for organisations such as Global Vision, CareerJunction, and Mr Delivery

You can email me at [email protected]

I’m deeply passionate about our planet and environment, and believe that we are merely custodians of this rock with no real right to entitlement. When I’m not daydreaming about a human extinction event, I like to help people realise their potential and show them how to potentially make a difference in another’s life - sometimes just by sharing their story.
After 14 years in the commercial sector, the desire to make a difference had me actively searching for opportunities to fuel my soul. I wanted to use my skills in a socially responsible manner, and not merely to maximise profits (seemingly at all costs). Then I met Adi Eyal during a freelance stint and had a glimpse of what meaningful work could be like. This became my reality in 2015 when I joined OpenUp. Honesty, integrity and trust sit high on my list of must-have values, and I am grateful to work with an organisation that feels the same.

Articles I've written