JD Bothma
Senior Developer


  • Worked on kivra.com, a secure digital mail system
  • Worked on klarna.com, an online retail payment system
  • Completed MSc in Computer Science, focusing on software development in industry and automated knowledge extraction from free text for computerised use

You can email me at [email protected]

I'm most passionate about helping people to live an OK life, and for everyone in the country to have the same opportunities to live the life they want. Things shouldn't be more difficult than they need to be. I believe the government belongs to the citizenry and should serve them - the term "civil servant" indicates this. But the public and the state don’t always see it this way. So I started looking at the sort of things I think are necessary to address the issues facing South Africa, which led me to the Hacks/Hackers organisation, and landed me on the OpenUp website. In our work at OpenUp, we empower people to claim their rights and build bridges between government and civil society so that things function as they should and issues get resolved effectively.

Tools I've worked on

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