Fierdous Safodien
Finance and Office Administrator


  • 3 years experience at Open Democracy Advice Centre
  • 6 years experience at Webber Wentzel Attorneys
  • 20 years experience at Mallinicks Attorneys

You can email me at [email protected]

The opportunity to work with people and service the needs of those around me, account for all the small nuances in operations and facilitate clear, supportive and reliable communication is my passion. I’ve held and occupied roles in administration and logistics for 30 years and in this time I have witnessed, over and over again, the value and opportunity that comes from fair and simple communication.

We live in a country where navigation has become a critical mode of interaction, and as the pressure mounts to bring justice and equality to citizens, there is no greater lack felt than the burden of the inability to make your voice heard.

Thus, moving from the legal realm to OpenUp seemed a logical transition. After years of helping people fight their battles, I wanted to play a more hands on role in facilitating accessibility and empowerment to different strategic groups across the country. The collaborative etiquette that underpins the workflow within both the open movement and this organisation has opened up doors of learning and practice that 30 years of human exchange can bring service to.