Angus Joseph


Angus and his team will innovatively explore different approaches to future planning, different key elements and solutions, against the backdrop of an alternative future world.


StoryWorld Builders
  • Ciara Josephine (UK)
  • Vanessa Sheehan (UK)
  • Kenny Daggers
  • Livia Achcar (Brazil)
  • Ingrid Diener
  • Claudia Biko Frey (Belgium)
  • Angus Joseph
  • Apple
  • Yoshimura Kanji
  • Khaya Maseko
  • Alyssa Naicker
  • Riaan Pretorius
  • Vanessa Black
  • Richard Sivil
  • B
  • Mook Lion
  • Paul Walker
  • Yazino
  • Nadja Bester
  • Alexander Bester (winner Audience Prize)
  • Keanan Kc
  • Nkululeko Dlamini
  • Gavin Mbusi Ndlela
  • Guy Mitchell
  • Mikhail Peppas
  • Lindi Venter
  • Michael Hopper
  • Crosby Luhlongwane
  • Jade Holing (Pan Galactic)
  • Luke Molvert
  • Frederico Pereira

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Since the comicbook takes place in the HackerDen of this Future Durban, Mondays’ PopupFuturEvent featured a band from that future to soundtrack the creation of the comic panels. A spontaneous band was formed mixing analog and digital musical toys to soundtrack the journey of this event

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