What is Re-imagine Storytelling all about?

We have moved into the digital and information age. This means that the way we tell stories has evolved from simply spreading the news to getting the reader involved. This is what Re-imagine Storytelling is all about. It brings together elements of data, tech, journalism and activism. It goes beyond just reporting issues of social justice to actively trying to solve them.

We chose eight final teams to compete for a cash prize of R20,000. All projects were guaranteed a small budget to work with, Codebridge resources, a cool space where you can plot, plan and create, as well as media coverage.

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The eight finalists

Children Raising Children

What does the future hold for child-headed households in Mpumalanga?

isiQhamo & Communitree

Connecting local greening initiatives with larger, city-wide greening strategies

Green Camp Gallery

How urban farms can rejuvenate communities


Graphic novel looking at future city planning


A collaborative approach to solving UKZN's student housing issues

Nowhere to Stop

Using GIS and transport data to map safe and dangerous zones for taxis to stop

Sanitary Dignity Conundrum

Bringing to life the predicaments of those unable to afford sanitary towels

Water Wars

What would you do with your last drop?

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