Women of OpenUp: Fierdous Safodien

Meet Fierdous, our Finance and Office Administrator

Tell us a little about you?

I would describe myself as fun-loving, caring and honest. I am also a mother.

What are you working on at OpenUp? How does that work inspire you?

I work in finance and sometimes I even help out with events. I am an all-rounder. Working here is different from my experience in a large law firm. In a small company, I get to talk to people. I like verbal communication. Stand up and speak to people! Otherwise, you are losing out.

Tell us about a failure you’ve had and what you’ve learnt from it?

I was supposed to learn about how the finance department works from another colleague, however, the way things worked out the person left. When they left I had to learn and figure it out. Adi and I are still figuring and learning about Zero. Working on this changed me — I learnt a lot and spent some time working on this. We are getting it. I am more confident in myself. I ask him (Adi) questions more confidently. I love it!

How did your work begin?

I used to work in a law firm in the general administration office. I got promoted to finance, I worked myself up. I love finance!

Who supports your work?

My Husband — we are close and we talk about our work during our ‘us times’. We go for coffee or a walk and talk about things — the kids, work and everything. My kids are also helpful and they talk to me — comfort me when I need. They for there for me. I’m there for them too.

Would you describe any aspect of your work in particular, as advocating the women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes?

I am a mother who does a lot of things for her family. I am open to people. I share and listen openly to my daughter in law, daughters, my mum and my sisters. We can talk about issues that affect women. Openness brings honesty to your relationships. This is something I see my children teach their children and has impacted the role I play in my family. I have an Open dialogue with nieces and nephews-they come to me. There is a line of course. I am a Peacemaker.

What’s the world you’re trying to build?

I believe in doing your work, being honest and thanking god for the rewards of your hard work.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

During my time at school, I had issues with other girls at school. This was a difficult time for me. Throughout my life — getting married, having children, working here — have grown my confidence. I stand up for myself.

I also try and support my children so they don’t struggle as I did in school. I check in with my family. To help “catch them”.

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