Wazimap updated with 2016 Municipal Election results and new municipalities

Wazimap now has 2016 Municipal Election results and uses the municipalities and ward boundaries used for the elections.

Wazimap.co.za now supports the updated municipal and ward boundaries used for the 2016 Municipal Elections. This means you can explore 2011 census data for the 29 municipalities that were created for the elections, and all the other municipalities and wards which experienced boundary changes.

Yes, it’s a little late and the elections were over 6 months ago, but we needed StatsSA to release the 2011 Census data aligned to the 2016 boundaries, which they did in April.

Here’s what’s new:

Municipal and ward boundaries have been updated to those used for the 2016 Municipal Elections. When looking at municipalities and wards in Wazimap, you’ll be using the 2016 boundaries, instead of the old 2011 boundaries.

Profiles for the 29 municipalities that were newly established for the 2016 elections, such as Big Five Hlabisa.

Election results from the 2016 Municipal Elections. For municipalities, provinces and the country profiles, we also include historical 2014 and 2011 election results. We don’t include them for wards because so many wards changed in 2016 that it’s not meaningful to compare results.

Existing embedded charts won’t change. If you’ve embedded any of Wazimap’s charts in articles or websites, those charts won’t change: they’ll show the same data they did before. If you embed a chart from the updated profile page, it’ll show the updated data. In short, the charts will always look like they do when you embed them.

Visit Wazimap.co.za now to check out the changes.

Census 2011

Wazimap still uses data from the 2011 Census. This update is only to take into account the municipal boundary changes 2016 established by the Demarcation Board and used for the 2016 Municipal Elections.

The next national census is in 2021.

We wanted to make these changes as transparent as possible to our users – you should get what you’re looking for with minimal effort and surprise. Handling changes like this – where historical and current data don’t always agree – can be tricky. You can read more about how we approached it over here.

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We’ve recorded some videos to help you get the most of out Wazimap, be sure to check them out on the Wazimap Help Page.

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