Top 10 Name Changes in April, 2014

People legally change their names all the time. Sometimes what they choose for themselves is very amusing. We read through the government gazette and found the top 10 most entertaining examples.

  • As an early birthday present before his 29th birthday, Worst Cynette Monashane understandably changed her name to Lebone Cynette.
  • Violet Selebaleng Muhammed, also 28 simplified her name to Asia
  • Handsome become Hansom
  • Branche waited 44 years to correct the spelling of her name to Blanche
  • Jacomine Cotzee of Panorama decided to go with Rogue-Alaric
  • Resign Nthani wasn’t happy her name and changed her name to Shirizane
  • Elizabeth Mahlalo Modiba become her favourite car Fortuner
  • Jappie Mashamba Tepanyika prefers Favour Divine
  • Loganathan (Log) Chinniah understandably became Pierce

And finally, the best of the bunch Mistake Martha Bilankulu, after 60 years became plain old Martha.

Amazing what you find in the government gazette. We read it, so that you don’t have to.