International Open Data Day

February 22nd is International Open Data Day. Code for South Africa is hosting a data party. Come through and roll up your sleeves


Our first Open Data Day event. We’re hosting a speed data(ing) event (along with HacksHackers Cape Town and JHB) which will likely be the first in South Africa.

You can register here.

Gimme the Data

Here are some of the datasets Available for the event:


National and Provincial Elections - 1999
Local Government Elections - 2000
National and Provincial Elections - 2004
Local Government Elections - 2006
National and Provincial Elections - 2009
Local Government Elections - 2011

2009 Candidate ages and genders - the source document for this data is here.


The census data usually comes on DVDs and needs to be installed on a Windows machine (yuck!). We can install it on the day on your machine. Alternatively, you’ll have access to some of it view the hard-to-find SuperWeb interface online. Also, you can ask me to extract specific datasets on the day. The same applies to the Labour Force Survey and other StatsSA data.


Annual School Survey - 2012 (partial dataset)
List of Western Cape Schools


You can find a bunch of data at Africa Open Data